Rasgulla Recipe /Spongy Chaina Rasgulla

Rasgulla Recipe



W_rasgulla2Ingredients For Rasgulla Recipe:

  • Milk :1-1/2 liters or around 3/4 gallon full fat whole milk.
  • Lemon juice /Vinegar/yogurt(dahi/curd) : 4-5 tbsp
  • Water : 8 cups
  • Sugar : 2 cups
  • Saffron threads :5-6 threads
  • Rose water : 1 tbsp
  • Maida(All purpose flour)/Semolina(sooji)/Corn flour : 1 tbsp for binding which is optional if required.
  • Muslin cloth/cheese cloth

Recipe For Rasgulla Recipe:

  1. In a big heavy bottom pan take around 1-1/2 liters of whole milk and start boiling on medium flame.
  2. Keep on stirring occasionally so that it dosen’t stick to the bottom of the pan.W_rasgulla4
  3. Once the milk starts bubbling just lower the flame and add 4 -5 tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar.I have used vinegar here.You can also use yogurt(dahi).
  4. Once you add lemon juice the milk will start curdling .If it do not curdle completely add little more lemon juice/vinegar/yogurt and keep on stirring.
  5. Turn off the flame you will see the milk is curdle on top and watery whey is separated .W_rasgulla5
  6. Keep a broad vessel or pot below and set a muslin cloth on it.W_rasgulla6
  7. Now very carefully transfer the curdle milk on this cloth and strain all the watery whey from curdle milk.
  8. After straining the whey remaining part is called chaina or paneer.
  9. Gather the muslin cloth and put it down under running water so the sourness or tangy flavor of lemon or vinegar is removed and chaina will also cool down little bit.
  10. Just tie the cloth with thick thread like a bag and try to squeeze maximum water out of the chaina through the cloth.
  11. Tie this bag somewhere little up and keep for around 15-20 minutes.Keep a vessel below.Let the remaining water drip out of the cloth.
  12. After 20-25 minutes get the bag down and open it.
  13. Chaina is all ready to make rasgullas.W_rasgulla7
  14. Now transfer the chaina to a big plate and add 1 tbsp of maida/cornflour/sooji to the chaina. This helps the balls in binding properly.But if without adding also you are able to bind then simply omit it.
  15. Now knead the chaina nicely with your palm and wrist.This kneading is very important for the smooth texture of rasgullas ,so knead it very nicely till 15-20 minutes.
  16. Once this is done make equal sized balls out of this chaina. This quantity will make around 24-25 balls.
  17. Meanwhile in pressure cooker take 2 cups of sugar.To it add 8 cups of water .Turn on the flame and let it boil.
  18. You can also do it without pressure cooker that is in a big broad heavy bottom pan you can take sugar and water and let it boil.
  19. Now let it boil till it starts bubbling.When it start bubbling,that’s the time you have to start putting chaina balls into the sugar syrup.
  20. Now slowly put the chaina balls into the sugar syrup one by one. Careful while putting the balls ,its very hot and bubbling can come on your face.W_rasgulla8
  21. After putting all the balls into the sugar syrup ,add 5-6 saffron threads and a tbsp of rose water to the syrup.
  22. Now put the lid of the pressure cooker or the pan .
  23. Now pressure cook up to 2 whistles. If you are using a pan, cook for around 20-25 minutesW_rasgulla9 on medium flame ,lid covered.Once done the balls will become spongy,bigger in size and they will start floating at the upper surface of the syrup.Turn off the flame at this time.
  24. With pressure cooker immediately after 2 whistles turn off the flame and keep the pressure cooker under running water ,so the pressure is released quickly and rasgullas are not overcooked.
  25. Open the lid ,rasgullas would be spongy,bigger in size.Now transfer the rasgullas to some other container.
  26. Once the cool down keep them in refrigerator and serve chill.You can store this ragullas in refrigerator for around 10-15 days.W_rasgulla3

Tips for Rasgulla Recipe:

  • Keading the chaina nicely here is very important to give smooth texture to the rasgullas,so knead the chaina very well before making the balls.
  • Keep the cloth filled with chaina under water before staring so that sourness of the lemon or vinegar is removed from the chaina.
  • Sugar syrup for rasgullas should not be too thick.Water portion should be 4 times to the sugar ratio. If the syrup is thick then after cooling down the outer layer of rasgullas wont be soft and spongy, they will become little hard.
  • To release the pressure from cooker ,keep it under running water so that lid will open easily and rasgullas are not overcooked.

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